About Our Church

We are a congregation of people who love the Lord and love the Lord’s people. Our mission is to offer the hope that is found in Jesus Christ to our community as well as the entire world. You will find us biblical, relaxed, but most of all loving. We invite you to be our guest for worship or join the other ministries we offer our community. When you come to Flatonia United Methodist Church, we hope you will come away with this thought; “this is my church.”‚Äč
What can you expect when you visit?
At Flatonia UMC our primary mission is to help people look to Jesus and look like Jesus. We begin this journey on Sunday mornings. We offer traditional and contemporary (3rd Sunday of the month) services. Regardless of the servict type, we worship God by reading the Bible, lifting our voices in song, and listening to a Bible-based sermonrespoinding to God's Word.
How often do you celebrate Holy Communion / the Lord's Supper?
We clebrate Holy Communion (The Lord's Supper, Eucharist,... how ever you prefer to call it) on the first Sunday of each month. We celebrate open communion which means ALL are invited. You don't have to be a member of Flatonia UMC, be a United Methodist, or attend any church at all. You don't have to have lived a perfect life (If that were the case... the church would be empty.)
Is there something on Sunday for my kids?
Yes! We are a church on the move. Currently we offer Children's Church each Sunday during our normal worship service (which starts at 10:30.) The kids join us for the beginning of worship and then are escorted to their age appropriate worship experiences.
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